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Until there are 10,000 concurrent users.

I've been burned in the past by taking the db for granted. Accessing the db is about the slowest thing the application can do.
This is a false position. You should be using a caching mechanism. Furthermore, since this is a PHP forum damned near all your datatypes that go past the int/string etc variants are going to be arrays.

Pick up a NoSQL solution for things that lives as keypair values. Use memcache to keep a highspeed buffer.

I just find it weird you are trying to code a framework to do what you want when you should be building a third party library for something like CodeIgniter then augmenting it with a custom Templating library.

If you are talking 10,000 users you have no business not using some sort of cache. Also, you should be looking at Nginx and fastcgi instead of Apache with mod_php

Anyways, I don't mean to sound so negative toward your project. I'd really like to see more code. You have a github or bitbucket repo?