Anyone have any issues with Safari in relation to javascript compatibility?

I have a page that loads dynamically through user selections as follows:

There is a set of three radio buttons. The user selects one and a div opens revealing a select box populated with entries related to the radio button selection.

When the user makes a selection from the select box, one of two things happen. 1) If there are child records relating to their selection, a second div opens revealing another select box containing the child entries relating to the first select box choice. Or 2) if there are no child entries relating to the selection in the first select box, a div opens displaying a description relating to the selection they made in the first select box.

The data is all coming from prepopulated javascript arrays.

This works like a dream in IE and Chrome. Unfortunately, when we were in the final stages of testing before release to a live environment, we discovered it works in Safari only as far as the user makes a selection from the three radio buttons driving the opening of the first div layer containing the first select. At this point it stops working completely.

On top of that, I can not find where in the latest release of Safari, that I can see any javascript errors (or if I even can). I am REALLY in need of help. Anything you can offer?