Unfortunately, I don't have a MAC, so I can't see what the problem is, but one of my Web pages does not display correctly on Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape Navigator 6 on MacOS X. The page contains a DHTML scroller that scrolls text in a small text box area. The scroller doesn't work. It works fine on MacOS 9 Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape Navigator 6. It also works fine on Windows browsers.

The address is www.nourfoundation.com.

On the right, where it says "Panelists," the content should scroll. I was told by someone that it doesn't work in any browser on MacOS X. This is a problem. Can anyone with any browser on MacOS X verify that this problem is true.

I will make a quick fix by using Javascript and redirecting MacOS X users to a non-DHTML home page. Does anyone know the javascript that detects MacOS X specifically (not just MacOS), and redirects the user to the correct page? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.