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    need some compatibility help for NS 4.7X

    hello all, having some compatibility issues for a page when displayed in NS 4.7X

    the java popups with embeded video on this page

    without any problems in IE

    but when you goto the same page in NS 4.7X and try to click on the links to watch the film trailer, it pops the right sized window, but loads the default error redirect in that window (i have a .HTACCESS file running to redirect the errors back to the main page)

    anyone know why NS 4.7X would be cacking so bad on the popup windows with embeded video?

    thanks in advance for the help everyone!

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    Not sure if it would help but you could try using the full path in the javascript that opens the new window (ie. instead of 56ktrailer.htm). I hope that helps.

    other than that the only thing I can think of is that its a WMV file which is a microsoft file and they might not want it to work in Netscape
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