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    Postgre for beginners


    Ive been messing around with MySQL for a year now and due to my new job have been asked to look into using an Open Source RDBMS with support for stored procedures.

    Not knowing anything but MySQL I went looking around and found Postgre.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a newbie guide or FAQ for it.

    I am presently coding in PHP and was wondering how easy/difficult it would be to move over to Postgre from MySQL.

    Many thanks.

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    Postgres Introduction and Concepts

    I'm doing the same - migrating from mysql to postgres.

    FYI, Stored Procedures in postgres aren't like what you might be used to from oracle or mssql. You cannot return rows - I know, big disappointment. Stored procedures work great for updates and inserts, just not that useful for selects. I've opted for views - still better than what mysql has to offer.

    As far as the php, if you aren't using a data abstraction layer like pear then you will have some changes to make in the sql and data connection.


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