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    jQuery Novice to Ninja: plugins needed for examples

    Is there any way Sitepoint could post the plugins referenced in the book?

    I think the jQuery Novice to Ninja book is excellent (so far) but it is frustrating to follow the examples when the plugins are not available.

    The main problem is that the plugin repository referenced in the book ( was down for a month and only recently became available again (updated to a newer version of Drupal), and now the plugins mentioned in the book are hard to find, if at all available.

    For example, chapter 3 mentions the color animation plugin, but if you go to as instructed, you get a page where the download link just directs you to other pages on the site, and not to a "color animation" plugin download file.

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    My copy has a grey bar that says to go to and use the search function to find plugins by name.

    Trouble is there may be more than one plugin with the same name, different versions.


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