I am new to SQL databases and the priviledge system. I have a Flash banner ad that will be uploaded to a server hosting the pebc.org site. The Flash banner grabs data from my SQL database and works fine from the localhost server. But when I move the banner to a different server (hosting pebc.org site) my banner can no longer access my database.

I think this is a problem with my priviledges not being set up correctly. Can someone tell which tables (host, user, db?) in the mysql database need to have the pebc.org domain added? I only need this domain to be able to read (select_priv) my database.

Is there a wildcard or something that would allow all domains to read only my selected database? As my banner will probably be integrated on a number of different sites as part of my company's banner trades.

Once the pebc.org host has been added to the correct table(s). Does mysql need to rebooted? If so, how?