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    Talking Personification of software: The contest

    How do think that your software would look if it was a person/animal/object?

    Most of us have an opinion about the software we use (browsers, graphic programs, Operating Systems, etc). We know what we like or hate about them... but do you think that you'll be able to show it? Graphically?

    Should FireFox really be represented as a Fox on Fire? Should Opera be drawn as a fat lady singing? Should Photoshop be a shop with photos?

    Well, only you have the answers. Send us your drawings/sketches/pictures/graphics in the most "artistic" manner you can. You don't need to be a graphic design expert, judges will be looking for creativity and scoring based on concepts, not how experienced you are with design programs

    The rules

    • You must send your drawings or graphics before Sept 30th, 2010 at 24:00 (GMT)
    • The work must be original
    • Quality is not a requirement, creativity is.
    • You'll be recognized as the author of this work.
    • Will be used in Non-Profit usage only.
    • Sitepoint will retain all digital rights.
    • Accepted Formats to be jpg, png, tiff and eps
    • Images should be 72 DPI and no larger than 600 pixels wide or tall
    • You can send sketches, drawings, photos or photo composition... whatever you want!
    • Of course, we need to know which software is being represented!
    • You can send as many drawings or graphics as you want
    • Send your files to They will be uploaded to our Flickr page.
    The prize
    Any SitePoint book AND any course of your choice (kits are excluded)

    The judges
    For the first time ever, staff members will not judge the contest! But your fellow members will!

    Joebert, Sega, Ardan16, FaridHadi, Ditch182, Ferrari_Chris, Kaostream have kindly accepted the challenge to vote the most creative entry.

    So what are you waiting for? Send us your file ASAP! Quick, quick, quick

    Good luck to all participants
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