Hi all

Is there an easy way I can remove the ads from sitepoint. I really do love it here but I find the ad that is sometimes at the top of posts unbelievably intrusive. To be honest in all my years browsing the web i have never felt the need to work out how to remove ads from any site as I must just be able to mentally block them out. For some reason though the sitepoint ad that I mention has such a large negative impact that I am actually making this post (I can't quite believe it)

Anyay I understand the need for sitepoint to make some pennies to pay for the electricy but is there a way I could just remove the ad at the top or even just move it to the side. What about paying to join Sitepoint as a VIP member which means you have the ads removed? Maybe you could get other benefits as well such as discounted books, a t-shirt (oh dear the ads have started making me ramble now)

Any help is appreciated.