If anyone can help me with this I would appreciate it. The script in question is a DHTML popup menu script I got from Dynamic Drive. Pop-it allows you to associate a dynamic menu with regular links on the page - useful in this case because ultimately the menu bar and sublinks will be database generated and there will be varying numbers of links in the menu bar and in the sublinks - so links will be moving around on the page. Menus based on absolute positioning were out and this is the only script of this nature I could find.

1. If anyone has a link to a relative positioned (based on link location) dropdown/popup menu script that has a wide range of browser/OS combo compatibility, please let me know.

2. See source code

3. Problem: In Netscape 4.x on any platform (Linux, Unix included) the css attributes (background colors, rollover colors, etc.) are not rendering properly. It is defaulting to a gray background with no rollover functionality.

4. Script works beautifully in all other browser/OS combos except KDE 2.2.1/Konqueror 1.9.8 where the dropdowns render garbled.

Any help on this would be appreciated$.

Need it very soon if possible. Thanks.