We have decided that it is time to ditch the ad-hoc method of deploying video on our web properties and pick one or more Video Platforms to handle this task for us. High level requirements are:

* Needs to have an easy to mount and embed player.
* Needs to make uploading and converting existing video.
* Needs to have strong analytics, preferably integrated with google analytics.
* Needs to be capable of "canned" video and live streams.

Some other things that could tilt the balance:

* Mobile-friendly.
* Multiple-bitrate streaming.
* Flexible APIs.

Things it cannot be:

* Owned or associated with Google or Microsoft or anyone else directly involved in net neutrality.

Hosting this ourselves isn't an option--we just don't have the manpower to care/feed for it. Price is not a major object.

So, who would you pick?