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    Quote Originally Posted by MotionTech View Post
    Wow, $300 is a lot of money! I hate to think, but when is this whole get money anyway we can going to stop. I know never, but wow enough already!
    especially if your blog was or is a hobby that just happens to make a little money from say google adsense or something. this is hogwash!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLZ View Post
    I have no question that "virtual" businesses both require and deserve some sort of regulation. People say the web is like the wild west. I always tell them it's the wild west without the morality! As much as I loathe regulation, a degree is just prudent; being "above the law" just because we choose to conduct our business virtually is little more than exploitation of a loophole really.
    There are regulations for the web, if you run a business on the web from a certain country you still have to comply with their laws (intellectual property, accessibility, no-kiddie porno, no-terrorism, filing taxes, no-fraud, privacy, etc). Granted it's not exactly a scenario which regulates businesses based on their practices but let's face facts here. Government's don't understand the Internet (even the US Gov which funded it's creation), if you wanted to regulate something like web design (for example), there's no way you could really control practices beyond the standards which exist as a barrier for entry as things change too quickly to be moderated.


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