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    A Different permalink

    i have a problem about permalinks in wordpress;

    For example i have 2 category (cat1 and cat2).
    And there is two posts (post1 and post2).
    post1 is in categroy cat1 and post2 is in categroy cat2.
    In permalink Settings i'm using Custom Structure like this:
    So, url of post1 is "" and again url of post2 ""

    Now i wanna do something like this;
    when i wanna call a post in cat1 its url , its url: "" but when a post in cat2 i want its url to be like this: ""

    So i wanna write different rewrite rules for different categories, something like that.
    How can i write a permalink code for wordpress.
    Or do i have to edit .htaccess file. if so what kind of codes can i write in my .htaccess file.

    please help me!

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    Eeek. That's an interesting one. I'm sorry, I don't have a solution for you, but I suggest you ask on the WP forums - that's where the WP gurus hang out.

    On a side note, WHY?? If you have old links you want to preserve, it might be easiest to go with wordpress' /category/post style (thats the one I use too), and use 301 redirects.

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