I searched here and some other places on the net but cant find anything that suits my needs.

I have a SELECT box with 3 values
<form name="form1">
<select name="length">
	<option name="length" value="none">--Select for All--</option>
	<option name="length" value="5">--5 Days--</option>
	<option name="length" value="7">--7 Days--</option>
	<option name="length" value="10">--10 Days--</option>
OnChange, I want to invoke a function that auto populates the rest of the SELECT fields in the form. The select boxes will vary in quantity as the page is dynamic, but the values are always the same (like the code above).

Does this make sense?

The closest example I can find is this (with checkboxes)

Much TIA