I read several articles regarding css as it relates to printing, but several of the articles were contradicting. The following is what I gathered to be important:

  1. Remove Background images
  2. Set Background color to white
  3. Set text color to black
  4. Set serif fonts
  5. Remove dimensions from containers (if applicable? or it's a must?)
  6. Use static positioning

Alright, these are things I more or less understand, but when it comes to measurements most of the articles were very much contradictory. Some articles says to use pt, others px, em, then absolute measurements such as inches etc.

So could anyone suggest some best practices for printing?

On a side note...I was looking over compatibility charts and found that page-break-before and page-break-after properties are even supported by IE6. Should I be bothered to make use of these?

Thanks in advance.