I have a friend who had a strange experience today. She had asked someone to look up something on his computer while she was with him at his house. She asked him for the name of the page he found it on and it was a wikipedia page.

She came home and looked up the page he said he found it on, and some links were purple(visited) -links she says were directly related to what she wanted him to look up. She says she is 100% certain she has never visited the page before today.

She used to live with him and had her computer at his house, he is also a sociopath and a programmer and hacked her before and admitted it.

I don't know if all of this is 100% true but she dosnt make things up. It is possible he installed a networking/infiltration program on her pc when she was living with him. Is visited links showing up on a hacked computer(of a site never visited) a possible symptom of being infiltrated by another computer who visited that site?

I am not sure how websites determine visited links and colors, maybe by cookies?