I have made an web page based on jQuery.
(All the actions taken in one page)

Step 1: there is some text in content. and some text is hidden
now $content = some text + hiddden text

step 2: when a menu bar clicked, content replaced with the hidden text that is a form.
now $content = hidden text.

Step 3: after submit button clicked content replaced by data for reviewing the settings.
now $content = form values provided by user.

step 4: send a confirmation email and make some DB operation using ajax and content replaced by the result for example "Quote successfully sent to the email address u provided".
now $content = result.

Now I stuck. Now at this moment if I click the menu bar(Step 2) I want to see the hidden text. actuallly want the page in initial stage.

How can I implement this? any suggestion?

thanks in advanced,