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    convert 2 characters

    Please help:
    I would like to create a program which converts some letters into different ones. Here is the idea.
    1) I want 2 text areas (input and output) + "convert" button
    2) if I type in the input area the letters "ea" I would like it to be converted into "a", so that If I type "cambrea" and press "submit" the output text will have "cambra".
    3) if I type "e " which is (e+space) I want it to be converted into " " which is "space" example: if I type the word "spine " it should be converted into "spin , note that there is a space after "spin ".
    4) If I type any vowel before "o" it should render "o", example: gambuo becomes gambo.
    would this be possible? I'm not very familiar with Javascript even though I can modify it. I hope someone can help. It will make a big difference.

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    Regular expressions are possibly what you're after.

    You can then use a regular expression with the the replace method to achieve the replacements that you're after. You can also use straight string replacement too.

    Is this for a course that you're taking? Or is there some data-set that needs to be converted. If the latter, we should be able to help you find pre-existing solutions that already exist in the wild.
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