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    Securely logging users out

    Users can currently log in and out of my site, but after logging out (and destroying the session used) someone can still browse back through the previous pages in the browser and refresh a page that had information submitted from a form. Obviously this means that whoever does this can get back into the site as someone else.

    Does anyone have any good tips to solve this, as well as tips in general about user management?

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    1.<input type="password" name="password" autocomplete="off">

    2.When user logged out, set session values to empty, and destroy session

    3.Create sessionid yourself by using MD5 and time functions+user_id which would generate very unique session

    4.Keep session id in database when user logs in and empty it when he logs out. You should define inactivity period to force user to relogin.

    5.Keep user IP address when he logs in( not a good method though but still can be usefull when you need to track your users)

    Note: Hope you are keeping user passwords encrypted in your database

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