Create freelance employee database

Accepts input from a web form
Formats information into searchable tables/fields.
Info is searchable by clients from another web form
Results displayed as a web page.
Clients would be able to choose and contact from a web page the right person for the specific job they have in mind.
Database transportable to other applications like Microsoft Access, Filemaker Pro, etc etc

I need some advice/opinions on how to start this or
How much this might cost were I to get someone to set it up for me while showing me how it is done? I can create the web forms but linking them to a database is beyond my understanding at the present time.

I have PHP & MySQL installed on my server already but I know nothing of their functions or capabilities. Would these be appropriate for my needs? Can a database created with MySQL be imported into MS Access or Filemaker? Where would I go to find someone who is willing to be patient with me and teach me what they are doing step by step while they are creating this setup for me so that I can do it myself the next time on my other web site.