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    Need advice before I get into trouble - YAHOO LISTING

    Hi All,

    Before I commit myself to search engine hell by paying for a Yahoo listing and taking the chance they'll list me in the most banal, obscure, irrelevant place despite my efforts -

    WHAT AM I MISSING? What else can I do to try to maximize the return on investment from a Yahoo listing?

    I think I've done as much as possible to make sure I'm included and make a yahoo listing effective. I've included a business address and contact link on the front page, researched the most popular search terms on Overture, optimised the copy on the front page, wrote a site description based on the most popular search terms and attempted to make it simple enough and short enough that it would not be edited. (I know a site name beginning with "A" or "1" would help, but that's too late - the site name is firm.)


    Preferred Yahoo Category: Home > Health > Mental Health > Personal Growth

    Preferred search terms: Success, Life Success, self-help, goal setting

    The description I wrote: "offers self help articles, motivational quotes, and goal setting forums."

    ("Self help", "Motivational Quotes", and "goal setting" were the top 3 targeted search terms per Overture.)

    Anyone's suggestions or ideas, suggestions for higher-ranking search terms, etc are appreciated!

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    Yahoo does not spider your site, it ranks it based on keywords found in your URL, site name, description, and category name.

    Unless you've got multiple occurences of your keywords in those areas then don't expect to rank high in search results.
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