I was inquiring to see if anyone has any administrative experience/ownership experience with a craigslist posting service company.

I wanted to know if it was a profitable market and how it is being done these days effectively. I know it is tough to post in each state because of the IPs needing to resolve from that state and I know there is a post limit per account.

Is it more effective to buy PVA`s or create your own (and im guessing this is only accomplishable buy having a hundred telephone numbers) also are the PVA`s a good source of buying accounts to maintain a business or will these freeze up and go bad on you if you purchase for a long term investment of posting business.

Any information or advice on the industry is helpful..

I see going rates about - Craigslist - $.65/ad
***example: 50 ads/day for 30 days = $975/mo