I am having trouble with a plugin not working, so I contacted the creator, and they said the below. I have no idea how to do what they want. Can anyone help me out?

"Hi The Billboard Family,
We just took a look at your output. It looks like you have jquery loading 3 times, which is not good. This will cause most all jQuery plugins/code to break if you load the jquery library more than once.

It looks like you have it loading with your "Enhanced Search Box" and then again at the end of your head just before your "Cycle.All" script.

Please be sure that the PHP method wp_head() is that LAST piece of code running before your close head tag in your header.php file as well as wp_footer() being the LAST piece of code running before your close body tag in your footer.php file.

I would also recommend running WordPress' wp_enqueu_scripts() method, detailed here by Jamie:

Once you get those changes made and jQuery running only once please let us know if you are still having problems.

Cheers! "

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