Hi all,

I am developing a site for a client and they wish to use their tumblr blog as their home page. This is straight forward and requires the A-Record on the hosting server to point to the tumblr.com server.

What I didn't know is that when the A-Record is changed for mydomain.com all the images\data on that domain are no longer accessible!

So far the only solution I can come to is this.

Main domain: www.mydomain.com - A-Record points to tumblr.com (ip address)
Sub domain: site.mydomain.com - A-Record points to the hosting ip address

This way, all the images\data that isn't stored on tumblr is stored in the sub domain area and then loaded into the tumblr page.

The question is; is there another way?
Is there a way to not have the sub domain show like site.mydomain.com and show just www.mydoamin.com?

Hope this makes sense...

Thanks in advance