Hi all,

I'm using jcarousel to build a scrolling slideshow and need to make some customizations. There is a callback function that is referenced whenever an item becomes the last visible item in the carousel.

 1. function mycarousel_itemLastInCallback(carousel, item, idx, state) {
          display('Item #' + idx + ' is now the last item');

You can see how this works here. What I would like to do is change this function so that the display shows just a caption of the current image. I would think to put the caption data in the alt tag of each image, but then how would I access it? I have tried something like this inside the function:

var theimage=item.next(); var thetext=theimage.alt; display('thetext');
...which didn't work. I'm in over my head here! Hopefully someone will enlighten me.

Second thing is, the data appends itself to the previous data in the display box. I need each caption to replace the previous caption. Not sure how to do that either. Here is the piece of jcarousel code that controls this:

var row = 1;
      function display(s) {
          // Log to Firebug (getfirebug.com) if available
          //if (window.console != undefined && typeof window.console.log == 'function')
            //  console.log(s);

          if (row >= 1000)
              var r = row;
          else if (row >= 100)
              var r = ' ' + row;
          else if (row >= 10)
              var r = '  ' + row;
              var r = '   ' + row;

          jQuery('#display').html(jQuery('#display').html() + r + ': ' + s + '<br />').get(0).scrollTop += 10000;

Any help is super appreciated! Thanks