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    How you will implement this - radion buttons value to next page??

    need to setup a school test on intranet by using ASP and MySQL.
    No login and security required.
    All questions, with 4 miltiple choice answers and a correct asnwer in database.

    ASP page loads random 40 questions on a page and display in a on page via loop like

    Q1. Who was best selling singer last year?

    A1: Britney S.
    A2: Micheal Jackson
    A3: Gerge Micheal
    A4: None of above.

    Student will choose one answer from 4 selections and for each 40 questions.
    I want to foward this to next page by clicking one submit button and on next page I want to grab all these user selections and display results like attempted, correct wrong etc.

    How to grab information on next page? Any resource/link for learning with info will help.
    What is good appraoch here to implent ( should I save selections in variables and do math or save in database ?)

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    use radio buttons if only one option is allowed per question - use check boxes if more than one option is allowed per question.

    on the ASP file use the Request objecct to retrieve the form values as in:

    myValue = Request.form("[name of form field here]")

    You can google for many form examples on this topic:

    forms ASP

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