Hey All. Nice board you got here.

Well, i'll get right into it. I've been into website design for at least 4 years now. I've learned just about most of everything there is to basic design such as html, javascript, dhtml/css, flash, frontpage/dreamweaver. However, I'd like to take the next step and get into server-side languages, database managagment/creation, and the rest of the big boys. Basically, i would like to start learning more complicated things, but dont know where to start!

I'm working on a project now that is a workout schedule managment website. I know what i want, but i dont know how to do it. I want to develop a site that will display a table with inputable information that details what a person has done in their workout for that day. The user can then save the information and it gets sent to a database that holds all the workout schedules that the user has inputed. Once that has happend, i would like to be able to redisplay the info to the user of each workout day he's completed, multiple days, and statistics of averages between different days.

Now that is what i want, and as the saying goes, Knowing it's possible is enough to make it happen. If anyone has any experience in this kind of design, could they help me out and just point me in the area i need to learn? Or if it's even possible!? If not, is any of that what i want even feasable? The main thing here is that i would like to learn how to create sites like this. But i learn much better by doing it than sitting on my *** and having a website or a person tell me how to do all these things that have complicated names that i will never remember.

Thanks in advance!