I found out I can do a blog + website. This is great news since I can finally get my blog pages like Google Privacy Policy to stop showing Google Advertisments in the sidebar.

There's only one issue with this.
I don't know the rules about this so, well just use Google to be safe.

My blog is Google.com
My website is Google.com

The problem is one has to be static (the blog) and the other can just be normal CSS + HTML causing the problem that they can't be under the same name such as both google.com?

blog.google.com and my website just google.com, but I have 195 blog posts and wouldn't want to change all of them to a new domain address if I'm thinking of this right...

Is there anyway I could do my blog as google.com and my website as site.google.com or can I run both on the same domain name such as just google.com or does that mess around with the static blog? I can't do any techniques with this to make it really work?

Just main problem is that I don't want 195 new links with Broken google links leading to the old blog site.