Struggling trying to find out if this is even possible. I have a folder that contains a 'mini site' on a website (actually 38 of them), these mini site folders are located in a folder called 'sites'. We did this because when the site was bought these folders were all over the root (along with a thousand other nonsense files) and we needed to organize it some.

Well the owner doesn't like the {domain}/sites/mini-site-folder/ layout and wants them to be {domain}/mini-sites-folder

Now short of moving them all back to the root folder I can't seem to find a way to alias them so that {domain}/mini-sites-folder resolves to {domain}/sites/mini-site-folder/ I asked my server guy to look at it and he tried for a few days but couldn't come up with anything.

I'm pretty sure there is a way to do it because I've seen things like this done on other sites but for the life of me (and my server guy) I can't find it

Any help would be appreciated .... I shudder at the thought of moving them all back into the root