Hi ,

I have these codes suppose to change one img to the value of the select box value ( something like avatar choose system )

<script langauge='javascript'>
function show(URL) {
  document.images.newsimg.src = URL+document.theform.newsimglist.options[document.theform.newsimglist.selectedIndex].value;
<select name='newsimglist' onchange="show('http://victory.com/news/')">
<option value='pht.swf'>me</option>
<option value='man.jpg'>man</option>
<option value='girl.gif'>girl</option></select>
<img src='http://victory.com/news/blank.gif' name='newsimg'>
The question is how can I modify the code so that the img tag change to <embed> tag for the flash files

I do appreciate for any help . Thanks