Hi I would like to create a small gallery to be included on my page. Basically I am using JQuery JCarousel and would like to feed it with the images obtained from my page.

Now as I see it I could upload the images I need for the gallery into the default gallery that is found in all posts and pages. Then I would query the db for page attachments and get these images. However in that case if I add another image in the content which has nothing to do with the Jcarousel gallery I would be in a fix.

Therefore I am looking for an alternative.

Ideally below the TinyMCE editor I would have a box with title JCarousel Images, and an add images button which would allow me to upload multiple images.

Is this possible? Have been researching for a long time but cannot really find a good solution. The custom field plugins that I've found do not enable you to upload more than one file at once. The only thing that comes close is MultiEdit where I can create a separate tab called JCarousel Images and insert images into it. However I would like something better and more natural, as I explained before.