I have been receiving the Sitepoint newsletter for years and have found it very valuable. I have just joined the forum, because a search for a copy of Hotdog 7.03 led me here.

I have been using Hotdog since 2000. It fits my needs perfectly. I have version 7.03 and because I'm transferring to a new computer, tried to install it on the new computer, but it will not take the registration key I have for it. I suspect I may have lost the registration key that was used when I went from 7.0 to 7.03??

I am looking to buy a full version of 7.03 with a valid registration key. Since the company seems to no longer really be in business, many people have stopped using the program, and I am a present owner of the product, I think such a purchase would be "kosher".

Any help with this situation would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Jon