I created a blog for my website on July 3rd, and since creation I have had no visitors to the blog. I understand that this was recent, but I resubmitted my site map to google to include my blog and yet it still isnt showing up on google. I have written 1 article about the UFC, and I copied a direct quote from it and pasted it into google and put it in quotes and it came up with no hits.

I used wordpress to create the blog. I know nothing about blogging and i was hoping it would just show up in google like my website did. What am i doing wrong? Is it because it isn't an html page? Cause the address is http://www.madpandastore.com/blog/ where as most of my other pages end in .html this just ends in a slash...is that the problem? Someone please help a newbie im lost here. Thank you for your help