i just want to lay down a little thing that bugs me. this thread (among others by AutisticCuckoo) provides us with healthy knowledge. i want to say thanks to the author again. he has done a great job laying down crystal clear facts for us.

in this thread, there are two paragraphs:

The HTML 4.01 Strict DTD emphasises the separation of content from presentation and behaviour. This is the DTD that the W3C recommend for all new documents.
The HTML 4.01 Transitional DTD is meant to be used transitionally when converting an old-school (pre-HTML4) document into modern markup. It is not intended to be used for creating new documents.
i want to ask this:

even if we respect DTD for HTML 4.01 Strict in writing the code for a web page, the moment we start adding elements only as presentational hooks, like div, span, or any other element for that matter, but solely for the sake of presentation, just to be targeted later on with css (rounded corners techniques and others alike), aren't we, in fact, writing a HTML 4.01 Transitional DTD web page? even if we don't use those "11 presentational element types and a plethora of presentational attributes that are deprecated in the Strict DTD", isn't our code in fact describing a Transitional DTD?

going further on with this thought, isn't this also affecting XHTML world the same way? with all that strictness, the moment an XHTML markup is polluted with divs and spans as presentational hooks, then can it really even be called on as XHTML? not technically speaking, of course, but as a concept, is it still holding it's meaning?