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    Google Adwords Select Restrictions

    We used Google Adwords Select (PPC) to boost traffic for our stamp website .. after a few days they deactivated it and send us an email:

    AD TEXT:

    Online Stamp Auction
    Buy & Bid on over 8800 lots online.
    Stamps,Cover,Postcards,Most Scanned

    Action taken: Suspended - Pending Revision
    Issue(s): Superlatives, Unacceptable Title Phrases, Pop-Up

    -> Ad Text: Please review the 'Content' section of our Editorial
    Guidelines. Your ad(s) does not meet the standards for proper use of
    the following superlative(s): "Most Scanned".

    Read below for definitions of the issues we discovered:

    Superlatives: Unless guaranteed or verified by a third party, your ad text should not contain qualitative or subjective phrases such as 'Best,' 'Cheapest,' or 'Top.' This claim should be clearly visible on the page that users link to on your site.

    Unacceptable Title Phrases: Your ad title cannot contain the
    phrases 'welcome to,' 'online,' 'website,' or 'homepage.'

    Pop-Up: Our Editorial Guidelines states that we do not allow links that generate pop-ups when users enter or leave your site. We consider a pop-up to be any window, regardless of size or content, that opens in addition to the original window. Our experience is that pop-ups make
    the information seeking process less efficient and is courage users from clicking on ads.
    Actually I can understand about the pop-ups, but why is welcome to, online, website and homepage forbidden?
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    Google has forbidden that stuff because according to them:


    are obvious: you are online and you are trying to get people to go to a website or homepage

    welcome to

    from a usability perspective just takes up space and adds no value.

    If you dont mind, here is a rewrite of your ad which probably conforms to thier standard:

    Bid On Stamps Now
    Over 8800 lots available today
    Get Stamps, Covers and Postcards

    hope this helps....
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