I did a search here in the Javascript forum and found no relevant information. I am wondering whether or not any of you fine people have any experience accessing mobile device GPS coordinates. I have a site on which I would love to provide nearby results to those using GPS-enabled mobile devices. But the problem is that I do not have any experience doing this and do not have a GPS-enabled mobile device. I am a bit in the dark about this type of thing.

I found this site:


that has some information about using such features on mobile devices with Apple's Safari and Mozilla's Firefox Mobile web browsers. I don't know all the browsers available on modern cell phones or the capabilities of each. I also found this list:


If any of you have any guidance, advice, or whatever, or are willing to help me test a script that I write since I do not have a GPS-enabled phone, I would appreciate it. Something like this would be a cool feature I would like to add to my site. Right now, I'm walking in the dark.