Hi everyone,

My style sheets were working perfectly in Netscape 4.7, and now I have changed the name of my stylesheets from vn1style.css to vn1style.css.php, they no longer work in Netscape 4.7.

The content of the two sheets are exactly the same. In addition, the content-type of both are "text/css".

Why would just the filename make the difference?

Does Netscape 4.x require all style sheets to have the extension ".css"?

Here is the address of my stylesheet if you want to take a look:

View the home page of that site to see an example.

The style sheet validates as CSS 2. It validates for CSS 1 except for the "hover" attributes. However, when it was named vn1style.css, Netscape had no problem with it, with the hover attributes.