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    Question Bad URL in my Google results!

    My web site, , is showing up very strangely in Google results. The URL associate with the site is completely wrong. The following is the result from a search for 'wine books' on Google--it is the 4th entry: wine directory and wine books
    A directory of all things wine on the web, from wine books to wineries and online wine shops, plus our own wine bookstore. ... WINE BOOKS at:
    Description: Includes book and comic reviews, message boards to discuss your favorite books, and an area submit...
    Category: Kids_and_Teens_>_School_Time_>_English_>_Literature - 15k - Cached - Similar pages

    As you can see, for some weird reason, the url attached to is completely wrong--it sends to, a site I used to run but that doesn't even exist any longer. So no one is reaching my site from the Google results. Also, the category shown is completely wrong. The ODP (where I volunteer as an editor) shows the category correctly as: Recreation: Food: Drink: Wine: Guides and Directories. AND the description is wrong. I really need to get this fixed soon. Any ideas what could have happened? This wasn't happening last month when Google first indexed the site. The link worked fine then.


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    Google doesn't use realtime DMOZ data, so it makes sense for that to lag behind.

    Google is also smart enough to know when two URLs point to the same page so if you change domains they will list the site under whichever URL has the higher page rank (most incoming links) (view Google's cache of your old page here: )

    However they're listing your URL as

    Which obviously is not a valid URL.

    Try asking here:

    Now don't listen to anything anyone who doesn't work for Google says to you. There are quite a few not-so-know-it-alls there (I just read a thread where the guy said outgoing links is what Google used, not incoming links )
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