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    If I switch Google Analytics Wordpress plugins, will it screw up my stats?

    I just installed Google Analyticator into a blog that I just recently started. I looked at the code that it is using for Google Analytics, and it is different (newer) than the GA coding that is used on my other blog that I have had for a while. With the older blog, I am using the plugin Another Wordpress Tracker Plugin.

    So, I'd like to update the older blog with the newer Analytics coding, and I'd also like to replace Another Wordpress Tracker Plugin with Google Analyticator, as not only does it use the newer coding, but it puts the script in the header instead of the footer so that if the visitor comes, but does not load the whole page before they leave, the that visitor still counts.

    If I swap out the plugins, will it screw up the stats?

    Also, how long does it take for the caution sign go away that is in the "status" section of the new account that I just set up after I install the GA plugin?

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    No, it will not screw up the stats!

    And once you have installed the new code, and visited the website to ensure it shows up, go to Analytics and click on "check status", and it should disappear.


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