Hi there - I'm using a version of this drop down menu: http://lwis.net/free-css-drop-down-m...orizontal.html

On its own it works great, but we'd like to add a little animation to it. Specifically, when hovering over the main links, the sub UL should slide down, and when hovering out, should slide up. (Ideally it would slide up after x seconds of no mouse movement but that's optional.)

I have a version of this just starting to work. Can't post the dev URL unfortunately, but the navigation HTML/CSS is almost identical. And here's the jQuery I have so far (which I'm sure is wrong in several places ):

$(function() {
		$("li.toplevel ul").show();
		$(this).children('ul').stop(true, true).slideDown('normal');
		$(this).children('ul').stop(true, true).slideUp('slow');
Now, I don't get the slideDown effect on first/initial hover. On the second and subsequent ones, it works until I refresh the page. Slide down doesn't work at all.

I'm sure I'm doing plenty wrong - still getting the hang of jQuery and JavaScript in general. Any help would be great.