I am using jQuery 1.4.2 and want to utilize the live method only. I have ajax content and the cluetip isn't firing until after one click.

Changed click to mousedown and to stop multiple initializations, after google search am checking for "cluetip-initd" and it is working. Is this the only best way possible for me or am i missing some thing?
$(".OptOut").live("mousedown", function(event){
        var $self = $(this);
        if (!$self.data('cluetip-initd')) {
                          attribute: 'rel', 
                        showTitle: true, 
                        sticky: true, 
                        closeText: gvCloseImageTag, //image coming from the global variables, will over write the default 'close'
                        ajaxCache: false, 
                        arrows: true, 
                        dropShadow: false, 
                        activation: 'click', //click, hover
                        height: 'auto',
                        closePosition: 'title'              
                          }).data('cluetip-initd', true);
I also tried doing some thing like this but in this case i am getting "object doesn't support this property or method" error.
//clue tip code
Whereas with livequery plugin it is simple but we are not using it anymore. We have decided to use jquery 1.4.2 live method only. Should we re-evaluate our decision?
$('.OptOut').livequery(function() {
//clue tip code