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    Little Functions and Classes...

    I started a thread like this some time ago for the PHP area, but I think this should be a fun topic for js as well. Share your favorite small functions and objects.

    This first example requires prototype.js
    var EventHandler = Class.create({
    	initialize: function() {
    		for ( m in this ) {
    			if ( m.substring(0,2) == '__' && typeof(this[m]) == 'function' ) {
    				this[m.substring(2)] = this[m].bindAsEventListener(this);
    If you've ever created a class that has a lot of listener objects in it this will be useful as a superclass to extend off of as it does the work of binding your event listeners for you. All you have to do is prefix your event handling functions with __. The init function above then parses those functions out into bound listeners.

    Any other contributions?

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    OK, let's see if it takes off.

    Makes a textarea expand automatically to fit the content being typed in, so that no scrollbars appear:

    Code javascript:
    function autogrow() {
      if (!this.clone) { = 'hidden';
        this.clone = document.createElement('textarea');
        this.clone.rows = this.rows; = 'clone'; = 'hidden'; = = this.scrollWidth + 'px'; = 'absolute';
        this.parentNode.insertBefore(this.clone, null);
        this.rows += 1;
      this.clone.value = this.value;
      while (this.clone.scrollWidth < this.scrollWidth) {
        this.rows += 1;
        this.clone.rows += 1;
    var tarea = document.getElementsByTagName('textarea')[0];
    //call it immediately (e.g. onload);
    //call it onkeyup
    tarea.onkeyup = autogrow;

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