I was looking at some demos with things you can do with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript together. One of the nice websites I stumbled upon was html5rocks.com
and another was Apple's HTML5 Showcase

My problem lies with trying to recreate a demo that exists here on apple's html5 site demos site. You can see the demos in action if you use safari or on any smart-phone mobile browser.
The particular demo is their 360 view with the iPod Touches. I thought it would be nice to re-create it to implement it on my site, of course with different pictures.
I tried and tired but I could not find anything on google about javascript and 360 degree views or coding it myself. I then thought about downloading the view source code for this page

Upon doing so and linking the files correctly. I tried one version linking to the file's on apple's server and another version linking to files on my local computer after downloading them. And by files, I mean the CSS, JS, and images.

However, when I ran it in safari or any other browser everything is displayed except the 360 version. You can have a look for yourself here
This is the version linking to the files on their server.
This is the version linking to the files on mine.

So i was wondering if someone could possibly help me recreate the Demo and or help me code a 360 view using javascript and css as Apple says they did to make theirs

Please reply if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or solutions I can provide the files and code if it helps. I believe i have linked to everything though in my post.

Thanks in advance and Regards,
Team 1504