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    cleaning up archive page

    if you scroll down on this page ( which is the archive page for the DVDs of this business, you'll notice about a third of the way down that the products start to appear in the left column.

    1. why is that? how do i fix it so that the left and right columns extends all the way down the page???

    2. on a related topic, how do i limit the amount of products that show before the "Next entries..." button at the bottom? the only related code i could find is here in the archives.php file:
    <div class="navigation">
    <p><span class="prevlink"><?php next_posts_link('Next entries &raquo;') ?></span>
    <span class="nextlink"><?php previous_posts_link('&laquo; Previous entries') ?></span></p>

    please advise. thanks!

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    Just make sure to use the “code” text editor instead of the “visual” one. You can change this on the WP control panel under “options” and “users”, then just disable the visual rich editor.

    or you can check out this useful resource that i found:


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