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    What to Do if the Client Won't Give Content

    First off, I thought this was the best place for this thread, if I'm wrong, please move it

    I'm working with a lady who makes and sells jewelry and she wants a website. Okay... small business; perfect. I've asked her several times for very specific content (I can copy the email I just sent yesterday) which she keeps ignoring. For example, in the email I sent yesterday, I asked for the content I needed and then also said that we needed to meet in person sometime soon... oh screw it, I'll copy the email.

    I need:
    • Why you started your business (like a mission statement)
    • How/when it started (history)
    • A little blurb about yourself
    • Contact information (do you want me to use what's on your business card?)
    • Photos (which I can/will come over to take, unless you're having them professionally done)

    Also, I need to meet with you in person some time so that I can explain the service I was talking about in my previous email. I think it will be the perfect solution for you, when used with your website.
    The response I got this morning was "Let me know when would be a good time to meet with you."

    ........She has done this before when I've asked for content. She is a little batty (my mom said she takes psyche meds, lol). The reason I want this information over email is because she can't half-ass it this way (for lack of a better term x.x). If I try to get this information verbally I'm going to get a lot of unfinished sentences or guesstimates rather than actual facts/numbers/etc.

    Am I doing something wrong? What should I do at this point? My uncle suggested that I ask for payment up front ("that'll tell you if she really wants this site or not" he said).

    Thanks in advance!
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