I'm working on a site for a client, basically am recoding entire site in plain HTML b/c they don't want to go thru a CMS anymore... (plus the CMS was generating atrocious markup...)

one thing they have on the site is they use JavaScript to hide email addresses from spammers (I guess this was a CMS option/feature..) I had never seen this done before, and in principle it seems like an ingenious approach, except for the obvious issues (can't see address if JS is disabled, and the accessibility issues...)

so how could I go about this? can't do with forms, there a many different addresses on the site (lists of names with email addresses next to them..)

now I found this thread:

response #2 offers a back-end solution.. does this solution seem plausible?

how exactly would it work? if we just print address for duration of the session, would spam-bots still find it?

what other solution is there here? (maybe do one form for all addresses, passing the address in a query string when you link to the form? would that expose the address to spam-bots?)

thank you..