Hi there,

I am in the process of designing my portfolio website and I am using jQuery for the first time so it's taking me a lot longer to get results but everything seemed to be working fine before this problem..

I am using the slideToggle function with my navigation so that when a link is clicked, a sub list of links smoothly animates down.
This was all working perfectly until I began to style my page using image-replacement to replace the text with an image of the font I wanted to use.

As you can see here: http://www.ellekorhaliller.co.uk/jQuery/fannieaw.html#
The slideToggle function is working perfectly
but on this page, which I have just styled: http://ellekorhaliller.co.uk/jQuery/index.html#
it doesn't work at all and when you click on "Commercial" you can't even get the sub list to scroll back up.

Can anybody help at all??

Many many thanks in advance,