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    Flowcharting a Website

    I need to reverse-engineer a large coldfusion site built several years ago by a dedicated team of morons.

    I haven't written a flowchart in many years, and never for a website.

    Does anybody diagram sites these days?

    What do you use? ... Flowcharting software? Google Draw? A Spreadsheet? Some combo of stuff?

    What does a diagrammed (flowcharted?) site even look like?

    Flowcharts worked OK way back when. But that was before stateless programming, and application variables, and stored procs, etc. etc.

    ... Anybody reinvented this particular wheel lately?

    Much Thanks,

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    Generally I don't diagram, but I have done it once or twice when a piece of logic just wouldn't resolve itself in my head.
    I used and it did the job pretty well without having to install any software on my computer.
    Notable features:
    • Registration is free and you can try it before signing up
    • Your files are saved on their servers
    • You can make documents private or public
    • You can collaborate with others while making your chart

    All in all, it's a pretty smooth experience, and I'd definitely recommend taking a look before installing dedicated software for it.


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