Graphics is that one area where a tutorial can make a technique come alive. A good step-by-step guide can help even the least experienced person find their way.

In order to help the newest people to graphic design, please follow the guidelines below. They will allow everyone to get the most out of your work and learn.
  1. Make sure to specify what applications you are using. Include your OS and the version of the software
  2. Include images so people can see what you did. Please try to place the images somewhere that isn't going to get removed on a whim. If you remove the images, the tutorial is less helpful.
  3. Link to all images using the image tag. This allows them to show up inline and will enhance your tutorials.
  4. Be as complete as possible. Include all the steps, even if they seem trivial.
  5. If possible try to use filters that are freely available.
  6. Link to the sites where others can download the filters.
  7. If your tutorial is dependant on a specific font, follow the same rules as for filters.
  8. Do not post links to tutorials on other websites. This is considered self-promotion and those threads will be removed.