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How To Recognize A Font?
A Mini Guide To Successful Font Recognition

This thread contains the font recognition tutorial and discussion regarding it and the methods used for recognizing the typefaces.
If you want to post your font identification request, please do it in this thread - Anyone recognize this font?

You have an image with some text on it - it can be a logo, screenshot, scan or a photo - and you have to find out the name of the font used.
How to proceed?
There are a few methods which can make it possible and easier.

1. Online Tools
Search By Sight: Identify A Font & Fonts.com & ITCFonts

2. Other Methods
Compare&Match (using font viewer and your font collection)
SitePoint Graphics Forum
WhatTheFont Forum

3. Software Tools

4. Tips
WTF: Preparing the image, choosing optimal letter set
Font categories, font sources, font viewers and procedure for Compare&Match method

5. Case Study
Simple 2 color image
Complex image
Small font
Pixel font
Ornamental font
Web 2.0 logo font